A few years ago, being environmentally conscious was thought of to be merely a little more than a fad; no one really cared whether the business cards, they were giving out or receiving were printed in an eco-friendly manner. As long as the card contained the correct elements presented in a way that is visually pleasing, that was all that mattered.

However, it is different nowadays. An increasing number of people are choosing to print green and are getting their printing jobs, including their business cards in a way that will have less impact on the environment. It is still considered important to present a sophisticated-looking business card to clients and colleagues, but having one’s cards printed in a way that is friendly to the environment is beginning to matter, too.

Why Print Green Business Cards? More individuals and businesses are becoming aware that the production of paper accounts for the biggest reason behind the depletion of our forests today. Experts assert that in the United States alone, 100 million trees are felled every year to respond to the need of the printing industry for paper. To say that those are a lot of trees is a huge understatement.

Experts also state that the printing industry is the number one source of pollution to air and water today. The industry is the third-largest consumer of fossil fuels, just behind the automobile and the steel manufacturing industry, and it uses petroleum to power plants and to formulate inks.

It is certainly not a secret that using fossil fuels as an energy source releases pollutants in the air that contribute to smog and to global warming in general. Petroleum-based inks also release fumes in the air that are harmful to humans when they are inhaled or come into contact with the skin.

With all the harm that the printing industry produces, it is not really surprising that people are finding it a better option to print green, even simple printing jobs such as business cards and postcards.

How to Print Green Business Cards ? The easiest method would be to order from a Green Seal certified print [http://www.bizcard.com/plant_tree__v.hd] company. If the company is not, then you can ask them 3 questions to make sure that the business card you have ordered are green and eco-friendly? The answer lies within three main factors: the paper, the ink, and the design,

The paper. As much as possible, they should not choose paper made with virgin fibers for your business cards. They can use paper that is recycled and certified to be made with 100% post-consumer waste (PCW). Also, does whiteness on paper matter so much to you? If not, then opt for paper that did not go through an extensive chlorination process that can poison the environment.

The ink. Are they using soy-based or vegetable-based inks rather than those based on petroleum? Soy- and vegetable-based inks are more eco-friendly and release low amounts of harmful volatile organic compounds.

The design. Did you know that you can still come up with a sophisticated business card while using a minimal amount of ink? You can do this by simplifying the design and using only two or three colors. After all, less is more, even on business cards.